Activating The Power of Your Vision

Get Clear to Get Unstuck

March 16 (THURS.) @ 7 PM MST
1 Hour Online Event

Life motivates us to ask deeper questions, especially when we are noticing feelings of discontent and are longing for more. Are you:

  • Uncertain you are on your right path.
  • Fearful or worried about your future.
  • Burned out and not knowing why.
  • You’ve tried ‘everything’ but keep getting the same results.
  • Facing a new chapter in life and you want it to be different this time!
Level Up

You will learn:

Three powerful principles for creating your extraordinary life.

The power of setting a Vision to realize your desired results.

The hidden power for good behind your fear, doubt and worry.

The simple but essential step to activating a life you love.

And much more!

About Valda Harris

MEd, RScP, Certified Life Mastery Consultant

Valda Harris
If you feel your many obligations are taking over your life, I offer you a powerful and proven solution.

As a certified Life Mastery Consultant and licensed Spiritual Practitioner, I share the strategies and systems to guide you in building and creating the vision of the life you love living. I look forward to you beginning the journey of discovery of what is waiting to be revealed and expressed from within you.

I am passionate about learning and growth and throwing open the windows to spirituality in all its infinite forms. I have learned to embrace the conditions and emotions that are painful and uncomfortable rather than running away from or burying them deeper. Now, these stories and experiences have strengthened and freed me to support others as they activate the well of infinite potential residing within. It is my dream that we all may discover and tap into the stunning awareness of infinite potential for a life we love living — while we are living it!

Like all of us, I wear many different hats in this life! I am a life-long teacher and educational leader, passionate about accelerating personal growth and potential. I love creating powerful learning experiences that support and activate the unique gifts each one of us brings. What this means to you, is moving your vision from ‘out there’ (at some future time and place) to the life you are living right now.

Valda Harris

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